Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Livi Lou!!!

A decade ago, shortly after 5 am I gave birth 6.5 weeks early to our third child. Olivia Rebecca-Anne came into this world with her fight on! Whisked off to the NICU after only a quick cuddle and a kiss she'd already stolen my heart. Her daddy never left her side, I'm convinced that's why she's stuck to him like glue even now!

After 9 crazy days in the NICU our little 4.5 lb. wonder was cleared to come home. Thank you Jesus. She was the sweetest baby who wanted to be held every chance she could get. It wasn't hard holding that little bundle. We fought hard for her life, prayed for protection over her, she is a miracle baby and we are so thankful that God entrusted her to us. He protected her then and He continues to walk with her now.
Thank you Father for this precious girl.

Olivia is our most sensitive child, until Zahra I'd never met a child who felt so deeply. Those two are kindred spirits. Olivia is sweet and kind, gentle and loving. She sees the best in people but is easily hurt. She is her daddy's girl and is never far from his side. Olivia never wants to move out and plans to stay with us forever. We're working on that. :)

Olivia over the past decade...........

Five Days Old

One Year Old

18 months, sweet little Hershey kiss baby!

Two Years Old.

Three Years Old - hanging with daddy in Disneyland.

Four Years Old - practicing her flower girl walk.

Five Years Old.
Six and new glasses! Livi sweetie on the beach age 7.
With her siblings in Ybor - 2010And then there were five.
Fabulous 9!

Off to her first concert! Taylor Swift!
Sweet friends!
9.5, sweet and sassy!

Livi Lou, we love you! May you grow in the knowledge of our King Jesus! Seek to serve Him and Him alone. Do not be weighed down by the things of this world, it is my prayer as your mama that you love Him more then anything else, honor Him in ALL things. You are loved as a daughter of the KING and never ever ever let anyone tell you differently. Audience of ONE my precious daughter. I'm grateful that I get to be your mama this side of heaven.

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Connie said...

A great BIG hug for you Livi...happy, happy birthday from Auntie Connie with truckloads of love.