Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home From Ethiopia - Quick Update and SHIRTS!

Hello Friends! Thank you so much for your prayers during our trip - it was incredible to be back in Ethiopia, God is at work in that country. Words escape me as I process through our days there. I'm working on transferring my journaling thoughts here in the days to come. Bear with me as I work on that.

We arrived home Sunday night, my husband insists on unpacking immediately. He is a wise man. That was mostly done. My head hit the pillow and I crashed. Today I worked a full 14 hour day getting tickets booked so families can be united. Some for the first time, others forever. I love my job. I'm exhausted. If you haven't heard from me.....I'm not ignoring you. I'm still catching up. I should be fully caught up tomorrow.

I feel a bit ADD but its how I roll these days.

Many have asked for a return on our Original T-shirt design........I can be convinced and yes I'm doing a pre-order. It launches. NOW. I'll run it for one week and then place the order. Yes, its quick. I've got to make sure the shirts are in before I leave for the March Created For Care Retreat!

Details on the Shirts can be found on the right side bar of my blog! Pre-orders end next Tuesday!

Order yours today!

Back of shirt

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Rachel said...

Praying you get yourself all rested up and back on track! :) It was so inspiring and encouraging to see pictures of what you're involved with over in Africa. God bless you friend!