Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Miscellany Tuesday!

No Misc. Monday in honor of Dr. King - so today will be Misc. Tuesday instead. :) Yep catchy I know.

My baby daughter is obsessed with food. She eats more then me. Always. The other night during her prayer she said "Thank you for food eat it. Annnnnd.....thank you for eating bodies." Now I'm not quite sure where that last part came from. We don't eat bodies around here. Ever. I'm thinking she meant "Bless it to our bodies" but then again....who knows.

My 14 year old daughter informed her dad and I that some kid at school wanted to go out with her. This isn't the first time but each time I get a little nervous because my kid isn't exactly gracious to these young beaus. This poor lad didn't know what he was up against. I think his final futile attempt at winning her heart came when he told her she was beautiful. Her response? "I know. Thank you". I died. I told my husband at least we know he's doing his job at filling her love tank.

This past weekend my husband brewed his own beer in our garage. I guess the booze must now "rest" in perfectly controlled temps. My room that used to be a tranquil love nest now resembles an old musty bar with 47 beers on tap. He says it will be worth it in the end. If only I drank lots of beer. Maybe he needs to become a wine master.

Silas is home sick. I'm not sure if he's really sick or he just didn't want to school. Either way he's all cozied up in his bed sleeping so we're going with sick.

This is short but sweet - I'm off to the back cracker - check back tomorrow - my T-shirt closet was purged last night so I'll be listing my offerings tomorrow in an effort to clean things out and raise some funds for Africa!


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