Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Africa Cookie Cutters & T-Shirt Pre-Orders

Happy Tuesday!!!

We've been busy around here with crazy life stuff and some weird stomach bug. Fun times I tell you. Getting back into the groove of school after a 3 week break is no easy task!

PLUS we leave for Africa in just 5 weeks! CRAZY!

We're in the 10th day of Skylers final fund raising blast of 12 people/$12/ 12 Days. So far he's about 3/4 of the way to his goal which is AWESOME! THANK YOU all for your support!

We have about 50 cookie cutters left, if we sell every last one he'll be at his goal. I'm excited to post pictures of our cookie making coming up this week. We'll be doing Africa Valentine cookies!!! It'll be so cute! Order your cookie cutter today, make cute cookies, and help send Skyler to Africa! Its a win win! If you don't need a cookie cutter you can be one of his 12 or buy a Ugandan Beaded necklace!

Order information is below or on the right side of the blog!

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Aren't these cute? I'm not sure who made them but I saved the picture because I loved them so much!

We covet your prayers as we prepare for this trip, we're so excited to be able to go. To serve and to love on the precious children and families in Ethiopia.

Don't forget to check our T-Shirt Preorders too! We're only taking pre-orders until January 15th!


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