Monday, December 5, 2011

Misc. Monday and Day 5!

This edition of Misc. Monday will include some tips on what NOT to do when traveling to Disneyworld. When you live a bit over an hour from Disneyworld sometimes its fun to meet up with friends or just go hang out for the day as a family. Silas wanted to go to the castle for his birthday and this was in lieu of a party. His choice. So we did. Here's where the helpful hints come in.

1. Don't assume your child is just walking like a zombie because its 6am and you're getting ready to head out the door to meet up with the mouse.

2. When your normally overly excited child doesn't act real thrilled about his day maybe you should ask if he's alright instead of jumping up and down with excitement to celebrate HIM.

3. When a child who normally loves rides, the faster the better in his mind, says he doesn't want to go on any more you might finally catch a clue that he's sick.

4. Don't take a sick child to Disneyworld.

5. When you're more worried about your sick child you might not realize that you dropped your state issued ID somewhere along the way.

6. Its great to know that there are nice people in the world. Both the person that found and turned in said ID as well as the people of Disney who agree to mail the lost item. I probably shouldn't drive this week.

7. Sometimes instead of Disneyworld on your birthday you leave early and you get a chicken noodle soup party.

9. Hey it wasn't a total loss. Mario Lopez was in da house! Oh and some Justin Beiber as well as a bunch of other Disney singer peeps. They were filming the Disney Christmas special. Yeah so be sure to watch - we might get our 9.8 seconds of television fame. I mean if we were smiling big enough and clapping like a crazy person. (which we weren't)

9. I'm pretty sure my daughter thinks she's 1/2 Spanish. Thanks to Dora she knows how to count in Spanish, say her colors, and even turned to the young man who answered "si" the other day and said "Si means yes mommy". She's so smart.

10. Skyler informed me that he feels Dora isn't a safe show for his sister. He said "what parent lets their small child wander around volcanoes with just a back pack and a monkey"? He's got a point.

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Alene said...

Hopping over from Misc Monday. Great mom post on Disney and sick little ones. Although my kids are grown I'm trying to be aware of what's really going on on my moments. Blessings.