Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orphan Sunday.

Orphan Sunday for our family just seems like a day to purposefully remember the precious babes that don't have a family. For us we have constant reminders of a life before a family as we look into the eyes of our two youngest children. Zahra still vividly remembers that time in her life and openly talks about it with us. She feels safe.

I was sharing with someone last week about Gods call to care for orphans. I'm daily brought to my knees as I think about the fact that I could have missed this. I could have lost out on what God wanted to teach me. What He wanted to do in and through our family. I'm so grateful that God in His mercy saw fit to take our family down the path of adoption. WE are the blessed ones.

What a difference almost 4 years makes. Isn't he cute?!?!

I love that both of our Ethiopian babes were December referrals!

What a difference less then a year makes!

This is the video David and I put together in honor of Orphan Sunday. In the past 2 years four families in our church have brought four children into their families forever. We are still praying precious Caleb home but he IS an orphan no more! It has been an amazing testimony of Gods faithfulness to His children as he provided over $100,000.00 to unite these children with their families. He owns it ALL!!!

This is personal for us, watching the change in our own two precious children has been incredible. The redemption in their hearts is only a work God could do. Praise His holy name!!

Watch and prayerfully you'll be challenged to do more. Change starts with each one of us.


Connie said...

Erica...beautifully done! Love you friend! Love your family! Love what God is doing in and through you all!

Christy said...

I can't see the video - but your kids are just precious! Amazing to see the growth in them!

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Sharla said...

amazing! I can hardly believe the difference in how healthy the kids look...adoption is such a beautiful thing!