Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Days of Christmas............

If you've read my blog long you know I'm a coffee fan. Every year for the past few years Starbucks has done the 12 days of Christmas! Different items on sale for one day at a discount, sometimes the items purchased give some of the proceeds toward a good cause, etc. I love the idea and decided to implement it here on my blog for the next 12 days. Here's how it works!

Each day I'll share an item we're selling to offset some of the costs of our upcoming mission trip. The one where we'll take our 13 year old son and introduce him to the country we've fallen in love with. He'll taste, touch, and feel the culture, the people, the country. He'll see extreme poverty for the first time and I'll be honest, I'm praying it wrecks him in a whole new way. He feels deeply (like his mother) and he is the most incredible big brother to our littles. I am SO excited to be back in the country we love so much but I'm almost as equally excited to see it all over again through the eyes of my son as we minister side by side.

Back to the 12 Days of Christmas......each featured item will be discounted for that day only. Sometimes I'll share an item or giveaway that another fundraising family is selling to raise money for their adoption or we'll donate a percent of the profits to a ministry we adore.

It'll be a 12 Days of Christmas GIVES BACK extravaganza!

Without further delay.......

The 1st Day of Christmas Deal!

Where You Live T's Misc In Stock

$20 each shipped!

(Up to $10 savings!)

Here's what I have available and ready to ship!

Womens Fitted Size Small

Scarlett x 2
Plum x 2
Grass Green
Espresso x 3
Baby Blue x 3
Slate Blue

Womens Fitted Size Medium

Slate Blue x 2

Womens Fitted Large

Mens T-Shirts Size XL

Royal and Olive

Plus in honor of World AIDS Day for every shirt sold.......we'll donate 20% of the money raised today to Project Hopeful.

Not only that for every item purchased you'll automatically be entered into a drawing to win a gift pack from me! I'll draw a winner December 13th!

Included in the gift pack are the items below!

*Thirty One Gifts Zipper Pouch
*Where You Live T-Shirt
*Ugandan Beaded Necklace
*Sisterhood Beads Handmade Earrings
*Africa Cookie Cutter
*Handmade Hair Flower Headband

Don't want to buy anything? Can't? Will you pray for us? Pray for our team? THANK YOU!! We're so grateful!


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm wondering if you would post to New Zealand? If so how much additional would postage be. I love your shirts (and your blog) and would be keen to buy!



Erica said...

Sure! I'd be happy to. Shipping shouldn't be more then an additional $5. Thank you so much!