Thursday, October 20, 2011

Totally Thursday (Miscellany Monday's Sister)

Because my day was CRAZY and I missed my Monday post I'm doing a Thursday post instead. It was a NUTTY weekend and this week is shaping up to be all kinds of crazy too. So Happy Thursday to you! Randomness below sums up the last week.

1. My oldest daughter is 14. She went to her first dance. Homecoming. I aged that night. Luckily it was with a group of girlfriends so I wasn't totally hyperventilating. She looked gorgeous, her dress was awesome, a sweet friend did her hair and she had a blast.

2. I made Apple Crisp yesterday, it was the first batch of the season with many more to follow I'm sure. Pretty fatastically yummy if I say so myself. I love fall. And apples.

3. Zahra has become the in house comedian. She doesn't miss a beat. If there is a joke to be made this girl is ON IT. We were in Target last week, just the littles and I. We walked by the baby section and she said "hey mom, look at that, its Silas' new bed" (pointing to a pack and play) She's a funny kid. Silas didn't find her as humorous as I did.

4. Nichol informed me yesterday that she has no problem telling the oogling boys at school that she doesn't like them as anymore more then a friend. She said they keep asking if she likes them (you know REALLY likes them) and she regularly shuts them down. Guess those cheesy one liners won't be working on her.

5. Today my wise 13 year old son let his father know he could see wrinkles on his face. David loves having a teenager. 6. I've had some odd snack cravings lately but my favorite has been cottage cheese and baked cheddar ruffles. Seriously. Try it.
7. Silas has a habit of doing gymnastics. ALOT. Last week I received a note from his teacher that he was complaining of a sore neck. Of course he is dear teacher, the child does FACE stands! One day I will post a picture. Its quite creepy honestly. Every day I tell him to please stop, it scares his mother. He laughs and continues.

8. I'm leaving for Phoenix today for the Together 4 Adoption conference......I'm excited. I hope to see some of YOU there!

9. I've been doing boot camp for the last three weeks. I've also discovered muscles I never knew existed in my body. Currently they are screaming at me.

10. Because I'm doing boot camp its kinda made me eat a little healthier. I made the above salad today. It was awesomeness. David even ate it and Silas asked for squash cubes for a snack. Seriously? What kid ASKS for squash for a snack!?!? He loved it.

I'm headin out on a jet plane! The crazy busy kept me from posting all my other fun posts! More next week! Have a FABULOUS rest of the week and weekend!

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