Monday, August 1, 2011

Misc Monday! Post Vacay Edition.

1. When you travel to DC from Florida with five children including one who has never sat in a car for hours upon hours things could get interesting. A few of those things will be shared below in no particular order.

2. South Carolina has a higher humidity then Florida and they have bigger mosquitoes that attack you the moment you step outside no matter what time of day it is. I have the bites to prove it.

3. I understand the reasoning behind automatic toilet flushing however I do not understand why there is no time to put a seat cover down prior to its flushing making for an awkward time in the tiny little stall and nearly no room for any sort of sanitary operating with a four year old in tow. Seriously not a fun time for this germaphob mother. (although I will say it wasn't as bad as this moment I wrote about here)

4. I love Trader Joes. We don't have one in FL but there was one on the way home in VA and I begged and pleaded with my main man to let me shop. He obliged but didn't anticipate the full grocery cart I rolled out with. I sure didn't hear any complaints as he ate the Tahitian Vanilla Caramels. Oh and by the way if you live near one and want to send me a gift? Those are my new favorite. Speaking of favorites what do you love from TJ's? Edamame Hummus is another one of my favorites......I have quite a list running.....please share yours so I can add them to my must try list. :)

Pinterest - people if you aren't on Pinterest you need to be. Really its pretty addicting. Okay lets keep it real - its HIGHLY addicting but you should still join cause its fun and there's some great ideas on there. Be warned. Oh if you need an invite to the addiction let me know. ;)
6. I often wonder how much Zahra understands right now because I'm not always sure if she gets what I'm saying and I want to give grace as she adapts to our family. One thing I am certain of.....the child understands humor and she can dish out the sarcasm. On our drive to DC David was quizzing the kids on some historical facts and there was one they couldn't remember precisely. After a few different answers from everyone else Zahra said loudly - Guys.....its JESUS!!! LOL! She was so proud. :)

7. You should have seen the looks we got as we walked through museums and down the streets of DC with two strollers and five walkers. People are just funny. Our kids were awesome, we had an AMAZING time, and we did it all on a budget. Big bonus!


La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

When you mention both TJs and Pinterest in a post, I have to bump out of Google Reader and comment.

Love, love, love both.

Faves at TJs? Breaded eggplant, their organic chocolate bars, trail mix, ANY candy...

Pixie's mom said...

Hi, there! Your DC pics are looking VERY familiar, as we are close enough that we often make day trips there! I hope y'all had a great family vacation!!! On an aside, would you mind inviting me to Pinterest? I totally need a new addiction. !) Thanks!!!

Danielle said...

Hey there Chica!
So I was keeping up with the trip on facebook, but I'm a sucker for pictures! :-)
Your explanation of S Car cracked me up! Yuck!
I totally get what you're saying about the "looks" you get. I've become so used to them I have a pocketful of answers. ;-)
Love you! Glad you had such a good time!

Connie said...

Hey...we have a TJ's within a couple of miles from our house. Are you provoked to jealousy? Come visit -- I'll take you there! My oh my you better sneak in some time with me in December. Glad you had a great vacay.