Monday, August 29, 2011

Back To School!

This last week was a CRAZY one! Two birthdays, back to school, and big schedule changes!

Prior to moving to Florida our kids were in public school. It was a decision David and I made early on in our parenting years.....always reserving the right to change our minds but for us it was where we felt God wanted to use us. We were always super involved in the kids' schools and it was a very positive interaction for us all. Of course the day my daughter decided to go head to head with a teacher on creation vs. evolution created for good conversation but these were all good things!!

Moving to Florida, a new place where we knew no one, the Lord had already started letting me know He might be calling us to home school and me not wanting to but a husband who felt we should led to the decision to home school. Again reserving the right to change our minds and taking it one year at a time. :) It was good for us, good for the kids, and we loved being together.

Fast forward two years, Nichol wanting to go to high school for a myriad of reasons, lots of prayer, and the decision to put three of our five kids in public school was made. One week in they are all thriving! Skyler and Zahra are home this year and as it goes each year we reserve the right to change our minds any which direction based on what we feel is best for our kids. :) Grateful that Gods grace covers every decision, we are basking in it!

My high schooler. Getting ready.

Praying before she leaves for her first day of school.

Yes, its still dark out when she starts her day! Its off to 9th grade for Nichol.

My sweet little 4th Grader Olivia.

My big first grader Silas!

I didn't get pics of the other two but they really officially start this week. :)

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Danielle said...

Very sweet post!
Love how you reserve the right to change your minds. :-)
The pic of Nicol and David praying...priceless!