Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekends, Naartjie, Suntans, and Rain

Naartjie. When Olivia was about six months old I discovered Naartjie. (pronounced Nar-Chee) I was a bit addicted to shopping for my wee babe and went a little nuts. I also sold on ebay regularly to feed my love for cute clothes. Fast forward a few years, a lot less shopping (God let me know cute clothes weren't everything and it had become a bit idolish) two adoptions and HELLO I have another sweet girl to dress! I've learned a bit of self control and have gotten some mad skills at shopping sales. Naartjie is one of my favorite brands for Z - the quality isn't always fabulous but the last few lines seem better then I've seen in the past. You should check it out, they are having great summer sales right now! :) Plus its made in South Africa and the colors look AMAZING on my precious brown baby. (seriously that was a really long speech about Naartjie, they should probably give me free clothes now)

Orange Ginger Aromatherapy - its an obsession. I admit it. Bath and Body works sells it and we love it in this house. The shampoo, the conditioner, the lotion, the candles, the air freshener. Its clean and fresh, you should try it. (shh, my husband even loves it but he may not admit that in public like I just did)

Zahra said her first prayer without help this week. Unsolicited. It was simple but precious. Jesus....tank ting.....AMEN. She makes me weep. Her innocence....her love for Jesus. (I won't tell you about the not so innocent bellow of laughter she let out at church after munching the tails off her goldfish crackers)

Marriage. Our friends got engaged over the weekend. They kinda maybe met at our New Years Party (they might or might not have seen each other once before but we're totally taking credit) this year and we quickly assessed the situation and let them know they would be a good fit. HELLO she stayed til after one to help me CLEAN UP! I let Eric know he'd better move quickly or this one would be snatched up! He must have taken me seriously 'cause six months later he asked her to be his Mrs. He even let a few of us us be there....hiding out and capturing THE moment on camera. AWESOME!

One of my favorite things to do is relax and suntan. It helps to have a pool in our back yard and to live in Florida. This is a gift.

Rain. Not always my favorite thing but living in Florida it is a bit more appreciated then it was when we lived in Oregon. It helps my basil grow as well as the rest of my garden so I can't complain.

Weekends. My favorite days. I get to hang with my peoples. Play games. Dancing and just being crazy. Perfectly lazy at times.

Whining and Bickering. No, NOT my favorite things. In fact its so far from my favorite things I'd rank it up there with nails on a chalk board. NOT a fan. My kids know this well. I just don't tolerate it. Recently we've had some whining in our house.....let me just tell ya.... My base boards are clean, there isn't much dust in the house, and you could probably eat out of the toilet bowls. True story. I'm thinking this week will have less whining and bickering but my house may not be as clean.

Happy Monday All!

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the nichols' family said...

what a sweet sweet prayer from a little child! i pray that i will be more childlike as i approach my prayer life as well! :) thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

beautiful post!! we love Naartjie, too :O)

NotaSupermom said...

I love your list posts and now I must search out some of the orange ginger lotion.
These scents got me through hard pregnancies. Very soothing!

Alison said...

Haha!!! Love this! I have no tolerance for whining and complanining either...and I LOVE the way you deal with it! I may have some clean baseboards this week! :)

Janet said...

Hmmm, clean baseboards... will stash that away for a whiney day. : )

Theresa said...

I think Naartjie should give me some free clothes or a really good discount with all the word of mouth press and how much I purchase from them. What a great store with the most adorable clothes.