Monday, June 27, 2011

Fireworks stands, 14, Kids, and Coconut Cream Pie

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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Uno - Fireworks Stands are a lot of work. As I type this my husband is dead to the world in bed at 10:30 in the morning. He worked the night shift covering security for one of the stands. He's been busting his hiney all week getting them set up and making sure everyone is where they should be. Its been crazy. Praying not only for lots of funds to come in through this fund raiser but also that we are able to be a light for the King in our community through this. Watching our church family work together in this has been AWESOME!

Dos - My oldest child ya know turned 14 - still not sure how that happened since I'm still 29. ;)

Tres - To all the moms out there with ten or more kids - I SALUTE YOU!! Seriously people these mothers should win awards. While I loved having ten kids for the week because I like those kids and I like my kids I will say its no wonder I don't see us as a " big" family. I feel like a small family again. Ten kids = BIG family. You should have seen the looks as we filed onto the beach. All 12 of us.

Cuatro - iPhone. Pretty much I've never seen the big whoop about cell phones, a cell phone's a cell phone. Then I got an iPhone. I see the whoop of an iPhone. I used to make fun of the people that though their iPhone was so awesome. I'm now one of those people. Its pretty much amazing and my favorite app has got to be Instagram - if you're my facebook friend you'll pretty much see our life happen via instagram.

Cinco - Zahra announced today that she is no longer speaking Sidamigna. Her language has exploded but this announcement still came as a surprise. I guess she's over it and ready to embrace her English. It makes me a little sad. We've always encouraged both but Silas did the same thing (just a lot sooner) and it seems like a huge turning point in their bonding/attachment process as they work through their stages of grief.

Seis - Coconut Cream Pie w/ Lemon Cookie Crust. Seriously people - this is GOOD! I've been on a coconut craze for a couple months so when my daughter asked for a coconut cream pie for her birthday I had no issues with that request. I even made a lemon cookie crust to spiff it up a bit. She loved it. We all loved it. Well all but one but he likes very little unless it is chocolate. It was YUMMY and fabulously high in calories.


NotaSupermom said...

Coconut cream pie photo with no recipe!?!

Love the pictures. I have a smart phone and I can't live without it now. Totally worth the money.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

You make me laugh :)
You can soo handle whatever the Lord brings you! You usually don't have 5 children at once :) Although it can happen....
Praying the stands do AMAZING!!!

Lara said...

Mmmmm, the pie sounds good!