Monday, May 30, 2011

Kids, Pools, Food, Shirts, & Memorial Day

I'm obviously not super great with the consistent blogging. I forgot last weeks Misc. Monday. Lets not talk about that - I remembered this week and that's all that matters. Plus last week wasn't all that funny or interesting so it may not have been fun to read anyhow. Not that this week is but hey.

1. Zahra is a prodigy of her father. She is a tease. She regularly tells David he's not her buddy and then laughs hysterically. She mocks the way he laughs and then shows me how I laugh. Its comical.

2. Our pool was a fine shade of green until recently. I think my refusal to get in until it was spotlessly clean was enough for my husband to dump 1400 lbs several gallons of chlorine in to rectify the problem. I'm not sure if he really missed my company or wanted another human jungle gym in the pool for the children. (note: the stock photo is what I wish my pool looked like but its just a dream) :)

3. My son informed David and I that he's going to adopt all of his kids and let them do whatever they want. This news came right after he'd asked his dad for a beer. He's six. Yes we're officially scared of his college days.

4. Have you ever wondered why restaurants have a kids menu but then in small letters it says "10 and under only please". Why do they care who eats the food? I feel like a kids meal portion sometimes but then they put something like that and it makes you feel like its somehow against restaurant policy to order it if you're say.... 32 or something. Kind of makes me want to order off the kids menu always. I'm a rebel like that.

5. Have you ever tried Edamame hummus? If you haven't then you should. My friend gave me some once - I struggled between loving it and seriously wanting to drive up to Atlanta for my ever loving Trader Joes fix. (road trip anyone?!) Evidentally TJ's doesn't like Florida enough to build one here. I thought about writing them to let them know I was their biggest fan and I could probably single handedly keep them in business if they'd just build near me; then I realized that would put a lot of pressure on myself so didn't.

6. Want a good laugh? Read this chicks
blog. She's not a supermom and she's good with that. Her blog says so. She's funny. You won't regret the read.

7. Sometimes I like to think about meal planning. Okay wait I think about it alot, I just wish I was better at the actual planning part. Wait I'm good at that, its the actual following the plan part that seems to get lost in translation. This week I told David I'm doing all of our meal planning from this
website. I'm trying to be a healthier eater. With a name like "skinny taste" I can't go wrong right?!

8. I am still selling
Shirts to help clear out my fund raising closet other adoptive families - check them out here and please for the love of pete buy one! Think of my closets and the children. :) Plus you get a chance at a $50 gift card if you do. Cute shirt, chance at $50 its a win win people.

9. Oh and I have lots of cute hats left too. Like the one Melissa is wearing above. Speaking of Melissa - I posted about them getting their referral and needing to raise a Chunk-O-Change in short order. Well in 5 days God did just that. Booya! Go GOD! Glory to the King!

10. What's your drink of choice? No no not that. Remember that's my six year old who thinks about those things. I mean like coffee, juice, tea? I'm not a big juice drinker but I do love my morning
noon and night coffee. Coffeemate and splenda please. How bout you?

11. Remember my Misc Monday post last time (you know my first one, the only one I've done? Yeah that one.) Anyways - I talked about my Dyson having issues? Well the wonderful people at Dyson must be spying on me because I got an email from them exactly 27 hours after posting my blog stating I should contact Dyson customer support for my sick vacuum. WEIRDNESS! I checked if my spam filter was working properly but no joke they wrote me and the only thing that makes sense was my post here. Can we say stalkerish?! Oh well, I contacted them and they fixed it free. She's good as new!

12. Memorial Day. I'm grateful to all the men and women who are currently serving our country and those who have given their lives so I can be free. I know of two families in particular that this day holds all new meaning. Their loved ones have paid the ultimate price. Kids that no longer have their earthly father and a wife who knows the pain of death on a personal level. My thoughts and prayers are with them, especially today.

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arunnerlearningtofly said...

whoa! what happened to your backyard?! it looks amazing!!!!

Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

That is a bit creepy {and still cool that they fixed it} about Dyson.

And, ahhh, to have a pool. Love.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day.


katrina adams said...

hi there! i'm visiting from MM!. i can't possibly chime on everything you wrote about but i will say that it was quite hysterical. i was giggling my socks off reading through it. you've got yourself a new follower! happy monday!

katrina adams said...

beautiful family, btw!

carissa said...

Your family and blog are equally precious!

Its good to know that if I ever have Dyson problems i'll just blog about it! : ) awesome/weird, indeed!

Thanks for joining in again!

We Are Family said...

Loving this post. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a pool that looks like that year round?

NotaSupermom said...

Oh my goodness, thanks for the link! You are my favorite person today!

To God be the Glory! said...

I was coveting the pool!

Captain Murdock {} said...

Way to go Dyson!!! Love it when things like that happen. Maybe I should write a blog post about US Airways and the need for minivans with wider 3rd row seats??? Hmmm....

ty said...

Oh my goodness, I love edamame hummus. There's a restaurant in Fayetteville that serves it, and I overindulge every single time!