Monday, March 7, 2011

Formula Drive for Drawn From Water!!!

As we prepare for our trip we have contacted a few ministries we are connected to. We've made a list of donation needs we are working on both locally and through this blog. When I talked with Levi at Drawn from Water he said they are in dire need for formula for their babies. The need is so desperate they are even willing to pay for whatever formula we bring. We don't want them to do that. We would LOVE to bless them with as much formula as we possibly can. These babies need the nutrients formula provides and even the cheapest formula here is still way better then what is available in Ethiopia. Formula is extremely expensive in Ethiopia and with so many babies in their care Drawn From Water is going through it like crazy. Levi said any formula will do, they are also in need of bottles, again the need is so great they are taking any type of bottles.

We need your help.

We need all of the formula or donations in by March 14th so we have time to purchase/pack/etc. There are many ways you can help. Do you have formula coupons? You can mail those to us and we'll use those along with some of the money donated to purchase formula. Do you have formula you don't need? You can mail it to us and we'll take it with us, this will need to happen ASAP so we get it in time. We have also set up a way for tax deductible donations to be made through our church. You can use paypal through this link: on our church website, just be sure to note "formula" on your payments.

We've also set up a way here on the blog for you to "buy a can" or "Buy Bottles" and we'll take every penny and purchase formula and bottles! (there will be pictures as we pack!) :) If you want to give another amount just hit the donate button and note what you want the money to go towards. Also we have shirts left over - every penny from the shirts we sell in the next week will go towards purchasing formula. These babies are worth it! We can't wait to take some time and cuddle these sweet ones.

If you're not familiar with this ministry watch the video below.

"It Began with Bale" from Drawn From Water on Vimeo.

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We Are Family said...

I have formula that I couldn't fit in my suitcase when I traveled in Jan. I'll send it out SOON! Love the folks at Drawn from Water!