Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Quilt. Friendship. 3,000 Miles.

Friendship. Truly a gift. I'm not a "lots of girl friends" kinda girl. I love my girlfriends...don't get me wrong. I'm just more of the double date kind of girl. I like my husband. He's my best friend and a girlfriend that feels the same way about her husband is kinda cool. I'm blessed to have a few girlfriends like that. Sarah and Damon have been our friends for years. They are about as close to clones as we'll probably ever come. They were our kids' second parents when we lived in the same city. (the kids still consider them that) They were our support system during our cocoon phase with Silas and stood beside us during the entire adoption process. The pictures below are a perfect depiction of our friendship.

Sarah, me, baby Shylah, and Lora (of whom I've been friends with the longest of anyone, we introduced her to her now husband and yes we'll take credit for that happily every after thankyouverymuch!) :)
This is how we rolled when our babes were young. ;)
Crusin' Mamas!

Fast forward. Our second adoption, Sarah is pregnant with sweet baby #3, we're "pregnant" together yet separated by 3,000 miles. Sarah has still been a part of this adoption process. Calling for updates, sporting our shirts, sharing in this journey. A couple weeks ago she blew me away with a hand made quilt to help raise money for this last part of our adoption. It's amazingly beautiful. The thought of all of her hard work on behalf of our girl made me cry. As I opened it tears welled up, the kids were doing cry checks, yes I cry often these days and no, I don't normally. Something about God using His people to come together to bring one of his children into their forever family and that child being your daughter is humbling, amazing, and awesome all wrapped in one.

This post is about friendship and how much I value the people God has put in my life. Its about the fact that some of my closest friends live right here in the same town and some of them live 3,000 miles away, and still other precious friends I've never met. That's something only God could do.

This post is also about a beautiful quilt that was donated to help raise our remaining funds. We need another $6242 to complete this adoption. Its really incredible to be in this place yet I've never felt a time line like I do now. We're getting on a plane in just a few weeks to meet our daughter for the first time and we need the funds raised before then. Things seem to be moving quicker and we want to be as prepared as possible. Yet we have complete trust that God already has this figured out. So we wait on Him and His perfect timing.

Sarah made this beautiful quilt. It's a lap quilt, made with incredible batik fabrics, absolutely gorgeous, and on the bottom corner she's even put the beautiful story behind the quilt on an Africa shaped cut out. Here's a sneak peak - tomorrow we'll launch the quilt fund raiser with more pictures and details.

Precious details.
Professionally quilted.
Beautiful Batik Fabrics.


missy said...

the quilt is beautiful as well as all the love it represents!

Rachel said...

Love these kind of friendships--so special. Hope to meet Sarah one day!

Um, I want that quilt. Like, really want it.

Sarah said...

I'm bawling like a baby!! Must be the pregnancy! :( I miss you so much, and I wish we were closer to walk along side you in this journey as well. Love you, and Miss you like CRAZY!!!