Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Design & Pre-Orders!

We're down to the last 7!
Yep, just seven more T's to sell to hit our first trip goal!

That said I've had A LOT of requests for other shirt colors, styles, sizes, etc. I wasn't planning a pre-order until we got our court date but at last I can't wait and once we do get our court date it will probably be a whirlwind of planning anyways. So February 1st (even though its almost over, took me longer to get this together) seemed like a good date to start a pre-order. :) We'll run the pre-order for a week. We're offering baseball T's, T-shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts, and Sweatshirts all in mens, womens, and kids sizing for this pre-order! There are new colors/new styles and we are VERY excited about our newest design! We've added a BRING HER HOME design to our line up! A slight change on our Where You Live design is our All For One design! We love it and we hope you do too!

Here's the details on the new design!

On the front instead of world wide orphan facts we have son, daughter, sister, brother, love, family, belong, and children. A perfect example of adoption and becoming a family.

On the back is All For One and One For All. This is how we feel about our journey to bring little Zahra home and how so many of you who have helped work with us to that end. Soon we'll be complete and our little girl will be home forever. Inside Africa is all the words that are also on the front but they are in Amharic which is the native tongue for most Ethiopians. :)


Our Shirt Shop Link - http://theroadlesstraveledshirtshop.blogspot.com/

This pre-order is for the Where You Live Design, All For One Design, Audience of One and our Shut Your Pie Hole designs.

In blue/turquoise on either espresso or black.
Red/White on either black or charcoal.

I'm wearing the slub long sleeve T in black with white and David is wearing the Where You Live T in Olive.
Where You Live Fitted T's in Teal, Scarlett, and Plum.
Baseball T in Indigo!
I have a limited supply of these available so please comment if you want one, I don't have them up on the pre-order list yet.
Our family sporting a few of our shirt designs.

A few color references -
Top right to left - charcoal, water, olive
Bottom right to left - persimmon, gray, cream.

Information for pre-ordering is located in our shirt shop! If you have any questions email me or leave me a comment.

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James & Emily said...

Hey Erica,
Just curious what sizes you have left in the indigo baseball tees....