Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Winner Is......& An Update

We are SO incredibly blessed by each one of you. There really are no words to express the depth of our gratitude as we've watched the T-shirts sell, others who have selflessly donated on behalf of our daughter and still others who spread the word. Each one of you have a part in helping to bring our daughter home and we are so grateful. Little Zahra is so incredibly loved.

Before we announce the winner how about a T-shirt update?! In just under 3 weeks we've sold 70 T-shirts! Only God. Just 30 more to go for this T-shirt blitz and our first trip will be completely covered! What an AWESOME God we serve!!! Thank you for being a part of our story. Zahras story. A story only God could write.

28 = RCC KIDS!!! How fun is that?!?!

Let me just say a little thing about these kids. We have some pretty sweet friends the Meyerdierks who have been huge supporters of our adoption, I guess cheerleaders would be a good way to put it. They get what we're going, they have seen first hand the beauty of adoption. Connie has been on of my greatest encouragers and I can't WAIT for Zahra to meet "Aunt Connie". Not only are Connie and Mike hugely involved with this process so are their kids. Mike and Connie have taught their kids to love well. All three of their precious babes are adopted and they talk openly about that. Recently without Connie knowing these sweet kids rallied their friends raise money for another family adopting and just last week these sweet kids raised a few more bucks all on their own to buy puzzle pieces to help bring Zahra home. I love that God saw fit that they would be the winners of this giveaway. So Connie - email me the names of the kiddos and we have something special we want to send them. :)


jenny said...

Hi there! New to your blog! And new to blogging! We have brought home our two little twins from Addis one year ago... I'm excited to see your journey pan out!!! God bless you!

Connie said...

How fun is that? Pretty darn fun! I just popped over to see your latest post and will share the news with the kiddos in a few more minutes when they are done with their Creative Writing teacher who is giving their brains a workout in the kitchen. They'll be stoked to see they won. I'll send you names soon.