Tuesday, January 4, 2011

She's. Sweet.

My mama heart is overflowing. Mostly there is joy but with a twinge of pain. Keeping it real here folks. I couldn't be any more thrilled then I am right now knowing that little Zahra has been told about her family. She gets it. She understands. We were told her face lit up as they told her about her family. Melt my mama heart. Seeing pictures of her hold the package we sent her put me over the edge. Her little face.....I just want to hold her!!! We're told her personality is sweet, kind, and gentle. Precious girl!!!
Our little lady now has this in her hands!
We love you sweet girl!!

This week we're prepping another little package to send to her and I'm making her a little blanket. These traveling families before us are truly a gift!!

Our friends Joe and Rachel are doing well, we talked to them this morning and it thrills our hearts to hear Abby is adjusting and the bonding process has started. God is SO good. We're holding down the fort here and I know little Abby has four siblings that CANNOT wait to meet her!

SHIRT SALE UPDATE: A HUGE Thank you to all of you that have purchased shirts, hats, and puzzle pieces this past week! So far we've sold 20 shirts, 2 hats, and five puzzle pieces! That doesn't include the donations we've also received towards this final leg of our journey! We are blown away by Gods provision. Thank you! We just need to sell 80 more shirts to have our first trip funded! AMAZING! He is FAITHFUL!

Check out this post for more info on where we're at in this journey - http://thisshubinclan.blogspot.com/2010/12/bringing-zahra-home.html

and this post to see what shirts we have left from our shirt sale - http://thisshubinclan.blogspot.com/2011/01/one-of-kind-shirt-sale.html

and last but not least you can check out our shirt shop over at this link - http://www.theroadlesstraveledshirtshop.blogspot.com/

Oh and if I'm not link happy enough go on over to my buddy Emily's blog and check out her fund raiser for Dube Bute. It's incredible.
Great cause. Great stuff in that giveaway!


Sarah said...

Aww thats so sweet! Love the monkey!! Did someone make it? Its so cool to think that now she knows you before you meet! Love you guys!

Erica said...

Yes, a little gal in New Jersey made it for her. SO SO sweet!!