Monday, November 15, 2010

Things You Should Do.

This is a short post but its an important one. :)

For those of you fund raising you really really REALLY should post a link over here on our Christmas Shop Hop.

For those of you looking to buy unique gifts and help support a family in bringing their precious babe home. You should go check out all the links on this Christmas Shop Hop post as well! Great stuff, sweet families with babies to bring home!

Then you should check out this FANTASTIC fund raiser GIVEAWAY hosted by The Farmers Wife to help bring their little babe home from Ethiopia!

Then you should read this post over
here at my friend Shawndas blog. It's a great post about marriage/intimacy and intimacy killers. Its SO easy to lose sight of our spouse, not intentionally, nor does it happen over night but little by little. This is a FANTASTIC post on how to be pro-active in your marriage. You really must read it. :)


Matt and Sarah said...

Just wanted to let you know I mentioned you in my blog post. I appreciate you greatly! :)

Also... I really want to put up out link on the Christmas Hop site, but our t-shirts are STILL not done. Ugh. We have our bracelets and coffee. Do you think that is enough?

Kelly said...

HI Erica--I am finally getting to post our link for your Shop Hop but the picture didn't come up. I waited so we could get our new fundraising item up--if you want to take it off, I could try again with a different picture.

Thanks for giving us another place to "show" our fundraising stuff!!

Erica said...

Go for it Sarah, you never know what'll happen and you can always add the shirts when they come in!

Kelly - I think the picture needs to be resized - its almost like it was just a tad too big.

Kelly said...

I am not sure how to resize it or take it off. Can you remove it and I will try again with a different picture? I tried to use the close-up picture of the car decal, but will go back to the other one I used with the other Christmas shopping links! Thanks again!