Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Wrap Up.

As Thanksgiving weekend winds down I'm reminded of the need to demonstrate my thankfulness year round. Not just thankful but that the joy of that gratitude would pour out on others. Daily. Its been a wonderful week with friends and our sweet little family.

Here's our weekend in pictures!

Our Thanksgiving begins with Skype. Shubin Thanksgiving in Oregon is always on Wednesday night. We miss it. We miss them. This was a wonderful way to share our night. We even participated in the Thanksgiving greatfulness sharing.

Beading time for the girls and Lizzy. We love you Lizzy!! Thank you for loving on our kids!
David makes a Guinness Chocolate Cake every Thanksgiving. Here's this years heart attack.

Mr Larry and Mrs Barbara.
Dudes. Food. Nuff said.
Kids. Lots of food. Yummy desserts.
The men, cigars, and talk of Africa. Blessed by a church family that "gets it".

A little tree decorating.
A little licorice. A little Guitar Hero.
A star for the top of tree #1.
A star for tree #2
Olivia may be 8 yet she never wanted to learn to ride a bike. Nope, she was happy with training wheels. Being the fine parents we are we put this in the "she won't be using training wheels in college" approach and let it be. Friday night she asked if David would teach her to ride a bike. Saturday afternoon David took her out and ride a bike she did. Like a champ. Silas is not far behind. He's 5 just like our other kids were. Liv doesn't go with the crowd.
Took (some may say dragged) the family out to do our annual photo shoot on Thanksgiving day. Despite sketchy alley conditions it was a success. Here's a tiny preview. :)

Yes, I really ran into the picture with my sunglasses on. Whoops!
So thankful for a husband that gets me. My best friend. Privileged to do life with him.
Four of the best kids around. I love them. Can't wait to see next years picture with babe #5!
Thinking of our little girl always. Silas can't WAIT to be a big brother.


Connie said...

Okay, so I'm looking at the pictures and thinking "aw" and other such sentiments when I get to the last one with Silas holding up a cardboard tears welled up. We continue to pray with you for babe #5!

To God be the Glory! said...

I recently read that "Seven is the number of perfection." :)

Kelly said...

Great family photos! I am with you--can't wait to have one more little head to count next year!! Looking forward to the Advent season!

Debb said...

Looks like a sweet Thanksgiving Break! Your family is beautiful, and the photos are great! :)

Lizzy said...

fun post! love you too!