Friday, November 19, 2010

The Rooney's.

I love Jesus. I love adoption. I love orphan care. I love people. I love helping people. I have been blessed by the love of others and the blessing of friendship through this crazy amazing blog land.

I have a few blog friends that are fund raising to bring their children home. I want to talk about them all but time constraints have that limited today. Some have gotten pretty darn creative with their fund raising.

Check out my friend Lori's blog and get a chance to win one of the cute dolls below.

The Rooney's - sweet Lori Rooney and her husband have a cute boy named Abe. Abe is going to be a little brother. Isn't that the sweetest? Yes, Lori and Ted are adopting an older little girl and are in need of some fundage for their now two trips to Addis. Whats better then helping unite a family? Pretty much nothing. BUT for just $5 bucks you can help with that AND get a chance to win a SUPER cute doll (a doll I plan to buy for our little gal at some point, I mean if I don't win this fun little giveaway) hand made by none other then Autumn. So, skip your Starbucks today and give some change to The Rooney's to help bring their girl home!

Don't wait.....go! :)

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Shonni said...

Those dolls are so cute!