Saturday, November 6, 2010

National Adoption Month!

November is exactly that. Tomorrow is Orphan Sunday - a specific Sunday set aside to raise awareness of the orphan crisis within our church communities.

While adoption isn't THE answer to the orphan crisis it is a beautiful part of it. We have to start somewhere. Why not with adoption? While not everyone is called to adopt I do believe as Christians we are commanded to do something.

With our growing little family we are often asked questions about our adoption. I welcome genuine interest in our story and have formulated thought provoking answers. It usually doesn't take more then 30 seconds to get the question about money. I find that so many people say they want to adopt but they just can't afford it. We are living examples of a family that couldn't afford a second adoption yet God has provided in HUGE ways. I often encourage people to say yes to what Gods put on their hearts and let Him direct their steps in provision.

I'd love to hear from you. What are some things that could have hindered you from adopting or maybe still are hindering you? I'd love to encourage those in the process, those considering adoption, and even those who want to be involved in orphan care but don't know where to start. Leave a comment, I'll interact a bit and I'll add any prayer requests posted to my prayer list. We want to pray for you. For your family.

A great place to start is on our knees praying for the orphans of the world and asking where we can get involved. Everyone can do something about the orphan crisis.

Need some ideas?

Help families afford adoption. Donate to an organization like one of these below.


How about sponsoring a child or what about a widow? Check the links below for information on how you can!

Some precious friends have started a sponsorship program, in Uganda and Kenya. Sponsor a child or a widow or both! Check it out below!

How about supporting some orphan care ministries?

Katie Davis is mama to 14 little girls in Uganda - she started Amazima and has taken literally the command to care for the orphans and widows as she lives and works in Uganda.

Gwen and Suzanne are two precious mama's that started 147 Million Orphans to raise awareness about the orphan crisis. They support Amazima as well as adoptive families who are fund raising to bring their children home. I had the opportunity to meet these ladies and hear what God is doing at 147 - it truly is incredible to see what God has done in the past year.

Drawn from Water is an amazing ministry that helps children who would otherwise be killed due to deep rooted tribe culture. We had the opportunity to meet Levi and Jessie earlier this year. They are incredible and the Drawn From Water ministry is amazing.

Our precious friends the Alexanders have partnered with A Glimmer Of Hope to completely transform a community in Africa. Read about this incredible endeavor and prayerfully consider joining financially to bring Hope for Dube Bute.

Do you want to adopt but not quite sure where to start? Aside from deciding whether you want to adopt domestically, through foster care, or internationally you'll need a home study. :) Below is a good overview and some links on what the home study process looks like.

Pray about where God wants to use YOU in fighting the orphan crisis.

.........In you the orphan finds mercy. ~ Hosea 14:3


Captain Murdock {} said...

Erica - Great post! I posted something similar (, though yours is worded much more eloquently than mine. I love your opening line about adoption not being THE answer, but it is a beautiful part. Tomorrow is Orphan Sunday. Why oh why aren't we hearing more about that?

Thanks for your post! Shonda

Connie said...

Two thumbs up friend. Methinks I shall link to you this morning ;-).

Penelope said...

What a beautiful post! And such great links - I'll be online for hours... Please add your story to our Adoption Blog Hop.

Susan said...

Always love to read your posts. You are a great voice to raise awareness and we pray for you as you are being used by God!

Kelly said...

Hey Erica,

I just got back from the Mid-Atlantic Orphan Summit and it was great!! I heard so much about so many of these organizations and think it is great that you are advocating for them!! Keep it up!

With Cherries On Top said...

Glad to find your blog through the adoption blog hop. We are adoptive parents to two amazing kids through domestic adoption. We want to adopt again and are trying to figure out what God is calling us to and WHEN. Great job on the National Adoption Month post!

With Cherries On Top said...

Oh, also wanted to let you know to link up your fundraisers on my sisters blog-she is doing a special post on her blog for adoption fundraising.
Hope you make your goal soon!

Kat said...

I just dropped in here from the Adoption Story Blog hop and love your beautiful family. We have seven children (four adopted blessings from Russia and Ethiopia) and it is such a joy to read of other adoptive families. AWESOME!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how God forms families!