Monday, September 27, 2010

Glory To The King! And a WINNER!

As a family we want to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you that helped with our "A Family Affair" Fund Raiser! It was a huge success! We couldn't have done it without you. Without the donors, those of you that bought puzzle pieces, those of you that spread the word, those of you that prayed. We're humbled, blessed, and so grateful for each one of you.

Before we announce the WINNER of the HUGE family PRIZE pack.......I figured most of you would want to know how much God provided through this amazing fund raiser.

We're blown away. This fund raiser provided an additional......


towards saying YES to our sweet daughter!


Without further interruption....the winner.

Out of 145 entries.

The winner of our A FAMILY AFFAIR Prize Pack...... the 21 shirts, the Ugandan beaded necklace, the sterling silver bracelet, the snack bags, the car seat cover, the Ethiopian cross, the four wrist bands, two bags, the CUSTOM Joely art, the POPPY DIP, the Ethiopian flag blanket, the custom Moon-Pie design and more...........


CONGRATULATIONS my friend! I have to admit I giggled when the kids read your name. (A side note: Emily wrote on her paypal payment she had a "good feeling about this one") :)

Please excuse my sassy pants kids butchering every ones names. They found great giggling pleasure in doing this drawing. I fear its a bit borderline on whether it should be posted but hopefully everyone has a good sense of humor and no one is offended. The kids had a little too much fun. :) Oh and please ignore my squeaky voice. Ugh. Hate video voice.

The video has all of the winners as they were drawn. In an effort to keep the video from being 5 minutes long some additional winners were drawn not shown in the video. All are listed below.

Kim Jewett - Ugandan beaded necklace
Cate Johnson - Where You Live T
Tracy Hanson - Where You Live T
Crystal Butler - 147 Million Orphans T
Janet Jepson - 147 Million Orphans T
Stephanie Moon - Ugandan beaded necklace
Jamey Hatter - Ugandan beaded necklace
Bricker Family - Ugandan beaded necklace
Oliphint Family - Ugandan beaded necklace

Susan Allee - Mens Adoption T of your choice (based on what I have in stock)
Chambers Family - Mens Adoption T of your choice
(based on what I have in stock)

Thank you all for your support! Stay tuned this week - we're doing pre-orders on all of our new FALL T's and Hats!


To God be the Glory! said...

Olivia & Silas!! Good job!! Your new sib will love, absolutely love these videos!!!

Unknown said...

WAHOOO to all the winners and for helping out to give another life a family.

Kelly said...

What an awesome grand total!! Well done! (just sorry that I wasn't the winner :) It was great to support your family either way.

Rachel said...

Yea for Emily!! What a great fundraiser this turned out to be! So many coming together, to donate items, to buy puzzle pieces...awesome!!

One step closer...: )

Matt and Sarah said...

LOL I love it!!!! I have to admit I was taken back the first time my husband told me his last name too! :) My students always have a hard time with it. I love the giggles from your kiddos. So sweet! :)

emily said...

That's what I'm talking about!!:) I never win anything (except for a book from Kari) and I've entered many. :) so excited to get everything. Mostly excited that you raised so much to bring home sweet baby girl. Love to you and a big ole hug to Silas. Mad drawing skills that one.

Sean's Ladies said...

Silas's eyebrow expressions are fantastic!!!

Thanks!! So blessed to be a part of your fundraiser!!!!