Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fund Raiser & Puzzle Update!

We're almost done with our MASSIVE IT'S A FAMILY AFFAIR FUNdraiser! We'll announce a winner over the weekend but we don't want YOU to miss out on entering this FANTASTIC drawing! Enter today and spread the word for more entries! Click HERE for all the details!

I recently "met" (meaning online through blogville) Sarah Habuda, she is precious. New to the adoption community and raising funds to bring their own babe home from Ethiopia. That didn't stop her from supporting us, blogging about our fund raiser, and she even wrote me an email that she is donating two of their new Ethiopia bands! Sarah will also be selling them on her blog soon so don't forget to check em out! THANK YOU Habuda Family!

Here's a wee puzzle update:

156 pieces sponsored TOTAL!

88 pieces sponsored with this fund raiser.

Olivia wants you to see the piece she's sponsored. (no she can't enter the giveaway but she did do extra chores for mom along with helping with our fund raisers so she could earn her very own puzzle piece) This girlie asks me daily when we'll get to see her sisters face. She even carries around a hand drawn picture of what she thinks her little sister will look like. I love the excitement in my children.
There's even some blank pieces ready for your name!
With 88 pieces sold that means we're just 12 pieces away from an automatic winner of the SUPER CUTE HAT that Lindsey has donated! Pictured below!
With just over 36 hours to go here's a recap of the prizes in this FUNd RAISER!


Matt and Sarah said...

Ahh... thanks for the sweet mention! You are wonderful!

The Dishmans said...

Just purchased our puzzle piece. It's been so awesome to see how hard your family is working to raise funds to bring home your daughter!

Meghan said...

What a wonderful idea! We may have to try it to :)! Just bought a piece and making a post on our blog! Good luck and god bless :)

Jen said...

I just purchased a puzzle piece and am SO HOPING to win! I would LOVE to have items to give away to my family members to commemorate our waiting for siblings from Ethiopia!! I will also be posting on my blog and FB this afternoon when Internet is a little less sketchy. So glad I was directed to your blog! God bless. :)

Unknown said...

Puzzle pieces, facebook and the blog!! Whoo hooo girl you're getting closer and closer to this goal!! So glad we're all here along side to enjoy this adventure! Here's to hoping we win, but more importantly that it takes a village to bring home your little lady! Have a blessed weekend!
In Him

Autumn C said...

Just put it on facebook for our last entry!!! Woo Hoo! So excited! And we'll be at the T4A conference!!!! We need to "meet"!!

Angela Hunt said...

Hey! I just purchased a piece and finally remembered to blog about it!

Unknown said...

Bought a piece, too my friend. Wish we could do more but our God is mighty and He will provide ALL of it!!! Love you~