Thursday, September 9, 2010

UPDATED: A Family Affair & MORE prizes added!

I am in complete awe of what God is doing in bringing families together to support each other, forge friendships, encourage one another, and all of it to help bring precious children into families.

Yesterday I received several emails from families that were so excited about our latest fund raiser. Supportive and just plain incredible. We are in humble amazement.

My sweet friend Lindsey sent me a message yesterday offering to donate one of her super cool HATS! I love her idea! The person that buys the 100th puzzle piece in this fund raiser WINS a hat from Lindsey! How sweet is that?! (to give you an idea, we've sold 28 pieces so far) Lindsey knows what it's like to fund raise and she also knows the joys of adoption. Check out her blog, she has the SWEETEST kiddos! I'm so thankful for her generosity and thoughtfulness in helping other families.

Thank you Andrews Family!

Check out this CUTE hat!

Next I want to introduce you to my new blog friend Joely. Joely and her husband have a super cute little boy named Jalen AND they have recently started the process to adopt from Ethiopia! :)

Joely emailed me asking if she could add a couple things to our fund raiser. Of course I said yes! Little did I know what incredible talent this new friend has! She is donating one of their super CUTE T-shirts! A womens Size M Brown and Pink burn out T. It's ADORABLE! See the picture below.
Then she mentioned she had painted some custom art for her living room and her friend liked it so she made her one and was thinking she might sell them as a fund raiser for their adoption. I fell in love with them. They are SO SO cute. She does an amazing job and they are unique and beautiful. I want one. Joely is donating one painting for our fund raiser as well. She may even do a custom one but I'm leaving those details to her and the winner! :)

Here's a few pictures of her incredible talent! Joely, you may just have to start selling these soon! I know we'll be ordering one!

UPDATED: My sweet friend Sandy has donated SIX snack bags!!! These are SO cute! Check them out in the picture below and then go look at Sandy's Etsy site for more! She is an AMAZING seamstress, her little snack bags are adorable! She makes beautiful quilts and other sweet hand made items. This is an AWESOME addition to our prize pack! Thank you Brown Family!Do you love Scentsy?!

I do. My sweet friend Becky over at The Bilby Bunch has graciously offered to have an online scentsy party and ALL of her commission money is going to our adoption. I was completely blown away by her offer, blessed beyond words, and so thankful for her generosity. So if you love scentsy and want to buy some AND help support our adoption check out the link here: - you'll just need to click "order from party" next to our name and it will count towards us. To sweeten the deal if you place an order, comment here and I'll give you 2 entries into this giveaway! THANK YOU BECKY!

I'll post a puzzle picture update on Saturday! THANK YOU to each and every donor and participant we are so grateful.


Kelly Jo said...

Love these random because they are both in my Ethiopia Fellowship Group in our home state. They are both super talented and have the BIGGEST heart for the orphan!!

The O'Neal Family said...

You are the best Erica! I feel way too special right now after what all you wrote, wow! And Kelly you are such a sweetie too...I just love making such wonderful friends through these blogs...we are some powerful mamas and it's so awesome to see what HUGE changes each family can make in this world. Way to go Erica, 28 pieces so far sounds great to me. I will be getting one soon too and will be posting your info on my blog and facebook tonight too.

Matt and Sarah said...

Hey Erica!

What an awesome response to your huge fundraiser! I love how the adoption community works together! I wish so much we had something to contribute. Unfortunately we are still in the design stage of our t-shirt and the bracelets we ordered haven't come in yet. If they do soon I'll let you know so you can add a few to the package!

We just bought 3 puzzle pieces. So excited for you and thankful we can have a small part in bringing your child home.

OneThankfulMom said...

Wow! You are doing a fantastic job raising funds. Thank you for reading my article on Empowered to Connect and stopping by my blog.