Monday, August 16, 2010

Ugandan Beaded Necklaces = Beautiful!

I am SO excited about this! Awhile back a friend mentioned she found someone going to Uganda and they were going to bring back some necklaces. At the time I'm not sure we were even adopting but I knew there would always be a reason to have some beautiful necklaces.

My friend emailed me a couple weeks ago to say she had some and did I still want them. Of course I did! It was like a little gift from heaven, I was so excited. So we now have lovely Ugandan paper bead necklaces that were purchased directly from the beautiful women who make them. The purchase of these necklaces not only helped the women there but they will now help us fund raise for our adoption. We have ALOT. I haven't taken individual pictures of the necklaces but I have separated by color and if there is a particular color you want I will take pictures for you. Trust me when I say they are ALL gorgeous!

We have purples, reds, yellows, greens, blues, earthy multi's, bright multi, extra long multi, royal & white, short necklaces, and a few chunky bead necklaces.

Most of the necklaces are long and can be doubled. Some of them are extra long and can be tripled. I have a few short necklaces as well as a few extra chunky ones. Here are the prices. Includes shipping.

Long necklace - $25
Short Necklace - $20
Extra Long Multi - $30


gigglechirp said...

beautiful! I have some from Bead for Life!

Theresa said...

I have several of these necklaces and sold some awhile back right before Christmas. These make the BEST Christmas presents and great stocking stuffers! I actually bought 3 for my daughter's daycare teachers. Again, great gifts!

We Are Family said...

We had great success with these. I have more coming, they should be here soon. A missioanry from Uganada brougfht our home for us. Have fun!