Friday, August 27, 2010

My Friend Connie.

Friendship is an amazing gift. Some are life long, some are short, while others are based on seasons of life. I was talking with a friend about this very thing. I used to grieve the "seasonal" friendships but my friend made a good point, there is a place for them and it's okay. I love that. Its true. I treasure all of my friendships long and short. It's a part of the life journey.

There are some people you meet and you just know you're destined to be friends, you just click. A quick friendship where you know that person just "gets" you. Someone you know will be a friend for life. I'm blessed to have a few of those. True blue friends through thick and thin.

There are people you meet and you know God put them in your life for a reason but distance or lack of time spent or whatever other reasons keep you from developing a deeper relationship. Still you know that person is there and you could call on them at any moment and they'd be there to listen and encourage you. Sometimes it takes something HUGE for those relationships to culminate into something deeper. When it does you know that it's nothing that is of yourself it's a gift from the Lord.

That's my friend Connie.

Connie is an adoptive mom. Connie lives in Oregon. Connie attends the same church Davids whole family attends. Connie has a huge heart. Connie is a fighter. Connie loves Jesus. Connie loves the orphans and widows whether here in the US or in Africa or Korea or anywhere else in the world. Connie advocates. Connie challenges. Connie loves well. Connie is an active walking partner in our adoption journey.

My sweet sister in law Angie, Melita, and Connie.
Connie, her sweet orphan loving daughter Melita, and Connie's precious niece Leah. These were taken during the second garage sale Connie and her crew hosted for four adopting families.

I remember the first time I met Connie. She had just adopted her oldest daughter and my mother in law was telling me about this woman who had adopted and I would just love her. I had two kids very close in age, we weren't adopting and didn't have plans to adopt any time soon. Yet I had a passion for adoption. Connie and I talked, her daughter was cute. I was a super young mom still figuring out who I was.

Fast forward a few years, a move to Phoenix, candid conversations here and there, an adoption each, (another adoption or two for her) and we meet up again last Summer. God knew I'd need a strong encourager in this season. He knew with a cross country move that I struggled to wrap my mind around and the GO for our second adoption I'd need a prayer warrior friend who'd traveled this road, who would challenge me, encourage me, and rally around when I needed her most.

Connie is that for me. She's that for me. She's that for my precious sister in law and brother in law as they embark on their first adoption. She's that for my two friends here who are also adopting from Ethiopia. Connie loves well, has passion deep in her soul, and walks our her faith in a way that challenges me.

I know Connie wouldn't like a big hooplah about her but we are so thankful for her and her precious family. For their friendship, support, and love.

We love you Connie and family!!

"A friend loves at all times."
- Proverbs 17:17a


Connie said...'s the new fundraising idea...hats. I'll need an extra large after this post! I love you too Erica, to God be all the glory!

Janet said...

Lord, thank you for friends like Connie!

Rachel said...

SO thankful she is my friend, too. One of a kind. Love you, Ms. Connie!!!

Debb said...

Awwww....such a sweet gift from God! What is it about the name Connie? I have a huge prayer warrior friend in a Connie as well! She "gets" me and understands adoption too, as they adopted their daughter from China and are now pursuing a daughter in ET! So glad you have such a precious friend in your Connie! Nice of you to recognize her invaluable role in your life!