Friday, August 20, 2010


Let me just say, I'm not one that loves camping. My children do. My husband does. In my mind anything less then the Hilton is camping.

Camping. Bug bites. Gnats. Not so much. I will say I do love the hammock. We are friends.
We had a pretty sweet camp site too.
Skyler turns 12 on Monday. All he really wanted to do was go camping. With my nephew here we figured we could make this happen. Do you know how much STUFF you have to take to go camping?! Even if it's only for one night? (thank God it was only one night, anything more might have mademecrazy)
Crazy I tell you. The kids had a blast. I have to admit I had fun too. The down side was how hot it was, therefore not a lot of sleep was had, the pesky gnats that bit us all night long. Poor Skyler got it the worst though. That child is COVERED in bites. :( I have never seen someone with that many bites. :(

Canoeing was really fun! (thankful for friends who loan out their canoe) ;)

None the less many memories were made. We canoed, the kids caught lots of little crabs, we snoozed in the hammock, played catch, roasted hot dogs on a stick, roasted marshmallows, made smores, our buddy Eric came and hung out for the evening, and Silas lost his first tooth. He worked and worked to get it loose enough to come out. He let all of his siblings try and yank it, even told his cousin he could use a wrench. He was SO happy to have that tooth out, his daddy pulled it and he didn't even notice! My little toothless babe won't have to wait long, his permanent tooth is already through!

Georgie thoroughly enjoyed finding crabs, snails, and clams.

Waking up this morning the air was a bit cool (if that can happen in August in Florida) and the sun hadn't hit the camp yet. It was a perfect picture!

Over all it was fun, we're all exhausted, sufficiently bug bitten, sun burned, and ready to spend the day on the beach tomorrow. :)

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Danielle said...

This was a gorgeous post!!!
How fun! ALMOST makes me want to visit. . . just not in Aug. ;-)
Looks like a great time!

We Are Family said...

I'm not a camper either. Your pictures sure are cute!