Friday, July 30, 2010

Remember the Giveaway?!

Oh yeah.....bad buried under pictures, T-shirts, and cookie cutters blogger I am!

I've been bulk blogging because I haven't had time to blog with any regularity and bulk blogging works for me. :) Does anyone else do that? Take a couple hours on a weekend and bulk blog for the week? I kind of like it especially when my brain is on overload.

Okay so back to the giveaway. This post right over here. I didn't forget. Promise.

Anywho - Silas actually picked the winner (I put numbers to names and had him pick a number between one and ten.) He chose FIVE and Kiara won! Pretty sweet I thought especially since precious Kiara wrote a post about our family right here. Kiara and her family live in Phoenix, recently she wrote me telling me about wanting to help out fund raising families and one of those ways was to write about them on her blog. I was honored and blessed by her precious heart. So, I'm thrilled that she (probably really her husband) has won this shirt!

Congratulations Kiara!

Just email me what size you want and I'll get this mailed out!

Thank you to everyone who participated!!


Lara said...

Forgot to tell you, I linked to you in my "Adoption: The First Trimester" post yesterday!

Jennifer said...


I stopped by to say "hello" and to "thank you" for visiting my blog. We are a new CHI family and I have peeked in our blog from time to time when we were researching Ethiopia agencies. I love your heart for God, for orphans, for families! We are so excited to be on this journey, and I look forward to getting to know the CHI family! :-)

Jennifer in TN

Andy and Kiara said...

Fun, fun! Thank you, Erica! We've been out of town for a week (and without internet access), so this was a fun surprise as I'm getting caught up on email and blog reading. :)