Friday, June 25, 2010

T-Shirts, Birthday, & Busy.

The title says it all. Life has been record crazy this last week or two. I've shipped out all of the Simply Love T's, (aside from one that was shorted in the pack, working to get that one out ASAP) working through inventory, I still have quite a few left. Plus taking orders for the new T's!

Nichol turned 13 yesterday. Its hard to believe we have a teenager. A post dedicated to that will follow in the next few days. Like I said its been crazy.

Our social worker is coming today, the home study should be written and in our hands this afternoon or at the very least in the next couple days. At that point we wait for our I-171H and as soon as the funds are in we'll submit our almost complete dossier!

All of that and just FOUR more days to order T-shirts!!


Christi said...

just sent you an email asking about sizes.. thanks.


Lara said...

Love your shirts! I just ordered one :-)