Monday, June 21, 2010

Buy Your T-Shirts Now!!

You got it! The shirts are for sale and EVERY sale goes directly towards our adoption. We have about $2000 to raise in order to submit our dossier. Everything will be completed for our home study by next week and then we'll get the dossier authenticated and we'll be ready to submit! Once the money is in that is! Being an official waiting family is a huge milestone and the end of this portion of the paper chase. Incredible! God has provided in HUGE ways, we're honored to watch how He's providing.

Now for the T-Shirt Info!

A bit more about the shirts themselves. We have three T-shirt styles and nine colors.

Espresso, Dusty Blue, and Sage (all of these colors come in the Slim Fit Shirts)
Plum, Indigo, Scarlett (all of these are the Fitted T's)
Teal and Light Blue (Both come in the fitted T, light blue also comes in the unisex T)

1. Slim Fit Shirt - (Sage, Indigo, Espresso, Dusty Blue, Charcoal) - This shirt runs a full size - 2 sizes small. I normally wear a Small or Medium and I wear a Large in this T. - COMBED POLY/COTTON SHEER JERSEY 65% POLY 35% COTTON PRE-SHRUNK -

2. Fitted T (less fitted then the Slimcut) (Scarlett, Teal, Plum, Sage, Espresso, Indigo) Runs true to a size small - I wear a Medium or a Large in this T. COTTON POLY JERSEY 60% COTTON 40% POLY

3. Unisex Fitted T - (Light Blue, Red, and Charcoal Gray) this shirt is the same shirt as the Simply Love T's - runs true to a bit big. I wear a small in this shirt.

We are SO excited to start selling these! This IS a pre-order - Because we want to offer the quickest turn around possible we're taking orders for one week ONLY. We're offering ALL of the colors in this special pre-order and this will not be the case in the future. After this initial order we'll narrow the colors down to two or three per style. I plan to order some extra for stock but if you want something specific NOW is the time to order!! Orders close June 28th! We'll have the shirts in by the second week of July!

When placing your order PLEASE specify the COLOR of T-shirt you want - the sizes are listed when ordering - the color is not. PLEASE add that to your notes so we know what color you want.


Steph said...

Which style of shirt are you wearing in the pictures from the giveaway post? I'm guessing the red is a fitted T and the blue is a Jr cut.

I'm trying to decide which style I want. :)

Kimmie said...

Bless you! I love your t-shirts....I am so excited for this avenue that God has opened before you! May He make your path shine with His glory!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Angel said...

I love em girl!! Just ordered mine!! Uh oh.... was I supposed to put my address somewhere or is it in my Pay Pal info. Ponder... well... let me know if you need it! :o) I am a LOSER. I probably didnt read carefully or something. Angel has trouble following directions and all that!

sallee said...

THANKS!! Just bought one of your cute shirts!! can't wait to get it :)
We also are adopting a 3rd time from Ethiopia and WAITING on a referral as well...
take a look at my blog... and remember me when your little girl comes home!! she'll need a POPPY DIP!!
blessings, Sallee