Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Amazing God, My Heart Overflows.

There are so many things I have on my "list" to write. Things that fill my heart with such incredible joy. Things that level me to my very core. Things that bring to my knees before a sovereign God. At times I don't even feel as if I can do justice in writing them out.

First take a peek at our fundraising ticker. Do you see what God has done? Do you see what He's done through many of you? So many of you have partnered with us. Committed to walking out the financial portion of this adoption with us. That levels me. That causes my heart to swell with unspeakable joy. Many of you have given sacrificially, given when you didn't have to, given beyond your comfort level, above and beyond, given on behalf of our daughter. Watching as the Lord provides the means to bring our girl home is humbling. He is able to do far greater then I could ever ask or imagine. Our King is the one in whom we rejoice. God is the Great Provider. I feel so honored that He'd use our family. Our family to welcome this little child into our home. To love forever and ever. We get to do this. We're so humbled. So honored. Thank you for being a part. Thank you.

We are so very very close to completing this portion of our fund raising. So so close. Soon we'll be submitting our dossier and we'll officially become a waiting family. Amazing to see what the Lord has done in just three short months.

Our T-shirt sales have gone FABULOUS! THANK YOU for your support! The pre-sale shirts have been ordered and the extras I also ordered are now reflected here on my blog in limited quantities and available to purchase. They should be here in a couple weeks. We've narrowed down the color choices as well just to make it easier on my brain. :) In the picture below you can see how cute the T's are! We sported them during our recent Chik-Fil-A Fundraiser. I'm wearing Teal, Rachel is in Scarlett, and Melissa is wearing Plum. Email me if you have any questions.

I have one last thing.

Are you going to the Together For Adoption Conference? Today is the last day to sign up and receive the $10 discount. If you are going please leave a comment, my husband recently told me to commit to going and the Lord would work out the rest of the details. So its a step of faith but I'm going. Since that decision was made another friend has committed to going, we've never met. We're both very excited. Currently I am praying for/with five other friends that want to go but like us they too have financial things that need to be worked out or are adopting, etc etc. If you want to go but aren't sure how it will work out will you also leave a comment? I'd love to pray for you and work with you to see how God might work this out for a whole bunch of us who wouldn't go otherwise can make it. I'm all about networking, meeting like minded friends, and using this as an encouragement to one another as we walk out Gods plan for our lives. I hope to see you there!

Oh and something else - if you haven't read it already - please RUN over to my buddy Tracie Loux' blog and read the latest, specifically here. I was a bawling mess as I read the beautiful story of Gods redemption in Renee and her children's lives and the beauty through pain. Our King is faithful.
Be blessed today.


Tracie said...

Love ya Erica. Need to talk to John tonight to see if we're going to register in faith. PRAYERS appreciated!

Sara said...

I'm going to read more about the conf. during Asher's nap. I'm interested though.

The Redman's said...

If we're not in Ethiopia.... which I doubt that we will be--- I'm going to the conference!!!!! :)

Angela Hunt said...

Hi! I found your blog through the AGCI listserv I think. :) It is so amazing how God continually provides for what He is passionate about. We also had a Chick-fil-A fundraiser! Love them! I'm gonna order a t-shirt too, they are way cool.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Your ticker jumped since I looked last! I love hearing how God has provided for you! :D I cannot WAIT to meet the newest Shubin. Make sure your return flight comes thru ORD. :D

Missy said...

Congrats on your fundraising!!!
I won't be attending the conference, but live close by and would love to meet you when you come!!!