Thursday, May 6, 2010

Change-4-A-Life, Mens T's, & The Weekend!

What a week!! Its been an amazing week here! Craziness, Community Groups, Fund Raising, Finger Printing, Nichol and her friend are having a yard sale to raise money for Africa, and we're working on our next fund raising effort!

We have nearly sold all of our T-shirts! Pretty incredible to watch as the Lord provides for each step of the way! Not in large amounts of money but just enough for each stage of this journey.

David and I did our FBI prints yesterday - those should be back sometime next week. Our home study appointment is Monday. Prayerfully we'll have the funds for the I-600a so we can mail that in SOON!

Here's where you can help!

We have a few men's T's left and ONE women's T in size XL.

If we can sell all of the T-shirts along with what has been given already we'll be over 1/2 way to our $830 goal!

Here is the latest T-shirt information!

Email me if you have any questions. erica.shubin @ gmail dot com.

Womens $24.95:

Size XL - ONE left!!!

Mens Original (middle design) $24.95:

Size L - ONE left!

Mens Swirl Design (outter two designs in the above picture, same great back!)

Size Large - TWO left!

Size XL - THREE left!
This is IT! VERY limited supply! THANK YOU all for your support and love!

We're also doing a baby bottle "Change-4-A-Life" fundraiser! Want to participate?

We have purchased bottles enclosed a little message inside about our family and our call to adoption. People will take a bottle, set it on their counter not only as a reminder to pray for us, our family, and our precious princess a world away but to also fill the bottle with change. You can then either mail back the filled bottles or take the change collected and make a donation via paypal or through our church. Pretty simple yet a fun way to help out with a cute bottle as a reminder! Here locally these bottles will make their debut tonight at girls night and then again on Sunday at church.

We have several friends in other states who are "hosting" this fundraiser to keep from having a bunch of bottles mailed back to us they will take care of that for the locals in their state! How cool is that?! If you are interested in "hosting" for us in your state or if you want to participate in a state that already has a host let me know! Its simple and easy, we'll provide the bottles and you won't even have to mail anything back if you don't want to.

We're excited to see what the Lord does through this fund raiser!

If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him! Luke 11:13


Nina & Wes said...

Okay, now I am your blog friend! You're up on my blog list! I'm in! :)

Meyerdrk said...

Count me in Erica ;-)...I've been told all my life I'm "the baby" of the family so I may as well symbolize it with a bottle on my counter, right? I'd be happy to give some out to friends too.

Carla said...

How can I get an x-large for my hubby. He's doing a wonderful job at being a father to the father-less. The shirts are really something he would wear...great design. Do you have any left??? I Want one!