Thursday, April 29, 2010

T-Shirt Status Updated Again!!

I've copied my post from a couple weeks back to update on what we have left! Thanks to so many of you participating in raising the randsom to bring our daughter home! We only need $390 more to complete our first round of fund raising. If we sell every T-shirt we have left we'll hit that goal!! Consider buying a GREAT shirt for a GREAT cause! I've posted what I have left below. These shirts fit true to size for men as well as women. I think the womens are a bit roomier then some, I wear a size small in this shirt.

In an effort to not only raise money for our adoption but to get to know others in this process of fund raising and helping them along I've joined in on the Crazy Love challenge over on Linny's blog. It's been so fun reading others stories of what God has done to provide in BIG ways and to also participate in giving to others! Go check it out for yourself!

Email me if you have any questions. erica.shubin @ gmail dot com.

Womens $24.95:
Size Small - SOLD OUT!
Size Medium - SOLD OUT!
Size Large - SOLD OUT!
Size XL - ONE left!!!

Mens Original (middle design) $24.95:
Size Medium - SOLD OUT!
Size Large - TWO left!
Size XL - ONE left!

Mens Swirl Design (outter two designs in the above picture, same great back!)

Size Medium - SOLD OUT!
Size Large - TWO left!
Size XL - THREE left!
Size 2XL - SOLD OUT!

This is IT! VERY limited supply! If we sell ALL of them we will hit our first $2500 fundraising goal! That's pretty amazing to think about!! THANK YOU all for your support and love!

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Candice said...

I love your shirts. the design is fun and modern looking. I found you through Linny but looks like you're all sold out. Email me if you ever print more.