Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Worth It.

With the recent announcement in Ethiopia regarding adoptions and the new rule requiring two trips to complete the adoption process it has become a bit daunting for some families who were just nearing the end. Even for other families who are working so hard financially to make an adoption happen this is tough news. As I was discussing with a friend about these changes we were talking about the great good and the positive outcome these changes could have in regards to strengthening the Ethiopia program, providing a more ethical adoption process and accountability for those that need it most.

Yesterday my friend Natalie sent me a link to this blog. I don't know if I've read her blog before or not but that particular post speaks out exactly how my heart feels about this change. I couldn't have written it better myself. These children are worth it. They have been served a large plate of injustice as it is and the LEAST we can do is participate in and advocate for an ethical adoption process and bring them home to loving families. Traveling once or twice it shouldn't matter, these sweet babies are WORTH IT.

Read Up! Its that good.

Praying for all those who are in the middle of this change and all the other changes going on in other adoption processes as well.


emily said...

Thanks for sharing!! Just booked my ticket for June, yahoo.

Teresa said...

DEFINITELY WORTH IT! Love your post.