Thursday, March 11, 2010

Must. Look. At. This.

This is a blog post you must look at. Solomon's Beads are pretty amazing and they support a GREAT cause! They are gorgeous hand rolled paper beads made my an incredible mama and some pretty sweet kids! All to bring home their dear sweet boy from China this summer!

Stacy is a dear friend of mine and her family has a special place in our hearts. They were so encouraging when we were adopting Silas and our kids all get along great. Love them.

I'm ordering my beads today and you should too! Can't order beads right now? Will you consider posting about them on your blog or facebook? I know Stacy would be so grateful and its a great cause plus you get some CUTE beads!

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Theresa said...

I have several from the organization Suubi. I love mine. I will get back to you on the necklaces from my blog too - I need to ask Jodi if she has any left. Sorry for taking so long.