Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two Years Together.

Two years ago today David, Silas, and I landed on US soil and our other children met their little brother for the first time. We were talking the other day about how life without Silas would be SO boring. He brings a certain amount of spunkiness to this crew and we are SO thankful for his joyful spirit, the way he looks at life and the way God has used him to change our family and see the great need in Ethiopia. We not only have an amazing son that we are so humbled and blessed to be able to raise but we have a country that we are deeply connected to and so grateful for.


Look how much they've all changed in two years!! Note how irritated Silas is with Olivia.

We'll celebrate tomorrow watching opening ceremonies and cheering on Team USA and Team Ethiopia. GO Robel!!

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Unknown said...

How has it been 2 years already?? CRAZY!!! Love you, miss you...YES...let's chat tomorrow!!