Saturday, February 6, 2010

Two Years Ago today.

We met our son. I'm behind in publishing this due to catching up from the trip! None the less....Silas Day was celebrated! We went to Busch Gardens and just had a day as a family. Silas was THRILLED to discover he was FINALLY tall enough for the Scorpion roller coaster!
Watching Silas grow up is such a joy, its hard to believe its been two years since we met this precious boy in Ethiopia.
Look at this cute faced boy!

Look at him now!


gigglechirp said...

happy forever and love to you all! He's grown and changed so very much in these two years! Sweet Silas!

Gwen Oatsvall said...

look at that precious face !!!

Anonymous said... amazing!! 2 years?!

hope you guys enjoyed you day. ...and how stikin' cute i silas?! seriously.

love you guys ♥

Sarah said...

what a little stud muffin! Tell him we love him, and we are celbrating these two years with you! Love to you all!

Vashti said...

So beautiful!