Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LAST CHANCE!!!!!! T-Shirt Sale Ends TODAY!!!

Today is it!

The pre-sale ends for these super cool limited edition T's! We're closing the pre-orders tonight. So far we've sold 50 T-shirts which is 1/2 way to our goal. Its a bit lofty to think we could sell 50 T's today BUT Gods in charge and we're believing in a miracle! We need a bit more funds for our trip and these shirts are a GREAT way to support that AND get an amazing shirt!! Its a win win! We'd LOVE it if you could spread the word, (post on your blog, facebook, tell your friends, buy a gift) lets go out with a bang and sell some shirts today! Thank you ALL for your support!!! Ethiopia HERE WE COME!

Check out the link on the left side of my blog (for facebook readers here's the link: ) to buy yours! You'll LOVE this shirt!! If you need a larger size then what I have offered here email me.

We're buying tickets today! Praying prices miraculously fall. They are on hold but still a bit higher then we hoped. Believing that God will provide every penny. HE owns it all! Thank you all for being apart of this trip. For being the hands and feet of Christ, for ministering to us by your support. To God be the glory!


mama becca said...

sweet erica...
i just want you to know that i've been praying and cheering you on as you sell these shirts... it pains me to be unable to buy one right now... just wanted you to know that at least you have my spiritual support! you rock!

Gwen Oatsvall said...

hope you make your goal sister !!!!! love ya