Sunday, January 10, 2010

10: 9/365

I'm feeling a bit more on top of it. Its taking me a bit to get in the groove of daily picture taking and uploading. I'll get it. Todays shot just makes this mamas heart swell. Silas wants to run with the big kids in the WORST way. Today he "boarded". Today his heart was full. Today he thought he was the big cheese. Today he came running into the house screaming "MOM and DAD come watch me! I can do a trick!" This child can do whatever he puts his mind to. Look at the concentration on his face! He did a turn on the board and he skated down the entry way to the house on an obviously way too big board. His mother nearly had a heart attack as he proved he was a BIG kid. So my five year old thinks he's fifteen. All was right in his world.

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Bethany said...

I have to say ITS A GREAT PHOTO.......but friend....the photo alone gives me a heart attack. Skateboard + Silas (or Leul for that matter)= A WRECK! Tough being the little guy!!!

Hugs happy for you guys right now. And yes I have a tinge of Jealousy for not going :-(