Friday, January 15, 2010

10: 15/365

Today our Simply Love shirts came in. They are so beautiful and I am reminded yet again of our faithFUL God and for the generosity of a friend. The shirts are fab and will be dropped off at the post office Monday so they go out first thing Tuesday morning. THANK YOU ALL for your support and for buying shirts!!


drea said...

Hi friend, I am so excited to see you guys, you don't even know. Everytime I tell the story about the call to serve at the Thomas center, I cry!!! I can't wait.

Ps. I would love a couple of thoes shirts...can you hook me up and i will bring you the $$ in Ethiopia. I don't know how the sizes work, but i think i would like a womens Lg. and Bry xl unless they run small, then 2x. I am sure Coral and Cade & Cailee....Cade lg, Coral and Cailee med.

Thanks friend.

love you counting down the days.

Unknown said...

AAhhhh, YAHOO...can't wait to get mine!!! Love you girl...we need to chat soon...God's moving :)