Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Simply Love.

Yep. Its simple. Love others more then yourself. Recently I was visiting some of my old blog buddies and bumped into Kari's blog. I was surprised to find them adopting again. THRILLED beyond words but surprised. Not only are they adopting again but they have decided to SELL THEIR HOME to afford their adoption. Can we say walking out your faith? I was leveled. Humbled. Amazed. Thrilled to get in touch with Kari again. Not only that but have you seen their shirts? SO SO SO amazing. I love them. David loves them. We're buying some.

Kari is also doing a giveaway! You should check it out! Don't enter though cause I want to win. Oh wait. I mean yes do enter. ;) Click the link on the left side of my blog for more info.

Spread the word. I love the mens T! Man Up Care for the Fatherless! That shirt ROCKS! My husband loves it.

These are perfect as we head into the holiday season. Stay tuned for my top shopping picks. As we gear up for our mission trip to Ethiopia we are SUPER busy getting all of our donations, fundraising, and last minute trip details together. Stay tuned for ways YOU can help!! We have less then six weeks to raise a little less then $6,000! God has moved in a MIGHTY way to confirm this trip and we are SO excited to see how HE will provide the rest of the funds to make it possible! All for HIS glory!

Now go check out Kari's site and buy a shirt. Heck. Buy 10! If you can't buy then please spread the word on your blog! Lets bring home another crazy baby for this sweet crazy family!

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