Thursday, November 5, 2009


I love what my new friend Cheryl said yesterday when we figured out we had a mutual friend. Be nice to everyone you never know where you paths may cross again. I try to take that to heart. If only I could remember that while driving.

Yesterday was a pretty sweet day! The kids and I went to the park to meet up with some friends. All I knew was that there were some visitors from Kenya and we were excited to hear their stories and get to know them a little. Very cool stuff.

Rose is an inspiring woman who started with a prayer and now has an orphanage and a school in Kenya. Vivian is one of the sweet kids in her care and she was able to come to America with Rose as an ambassador for the other children. She is an amazing young lady. We can't wait to see how/where we can be involved.

Little did I know that these amazing ladies were connected with an organization that my room mate from my last trip to Ethiopia is heavily involved with/works for! Great ladies, new friends, and the world got a little smaller.

Here's a few pictures.

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drea said...

Very cool!!! It is great how God weaves our lives together. Can't wait to hear more.

Ps. i like Corals hair too, Cailee has purple streaks, but you can't see them that well.
Love you girl