Monday, November 2, 2009


I saw this new little challenge over on Stacies blog and thought it might be fun.

Want to join me? Click the cutie picture above to read more. Its 30 posts in 30 days, sounds easy enough right? Maybe a bit of a challenge with friends and family arriving over the course of the next two weeks but it will be a picture happy time at least! I have intended to get back into the blog groove but it just hasn't happened. Maybe this will help. ;)

Super busy weekend, bachelorette party, a neighborhood get together with friends, church, and lots of painting/cleaning going on in this house!

I'll leave a few picture randomness........just for fun!

Diva Girl Cinnamon roll making
Pottery Painting

Mr. Fixit
Sweet Silas Boy - he thought he was pretty funny!

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