Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We're Alive. Barely. Well Mostly.

Its been awhile. A long while I guess. I've had a few people write and ask if we're okay or if I'm just abandoning my blog. Yes and no. ;) We're doing great, life has just been a lot crazy and my time is taken up with other things. I have had a blog post brewing in the brain for the last couple weeks. I shared with a friend some of the highs and lows of the last month and said I would be blogging it shortly but it was a longish one. This is not that post. A wee update is all I have time for this morning. But hopefully this weekend I'll post more. Long and short of it is that God has been doing a huge work in my heart and while its painful at times its good. Really good.

As far as regular life things here's whats happened lately.
We moved. Again. Yes. The four month "vacation" is over. We're in a more "permanent" home and its taken MUCH work to get it to livable (aka Erica approved) conditions. There is still lots to be done but we're in and mostly (not really) unpacked.

My iPod has vanished in the move. This is very sad. Very very sad. Everyone else has hopes of finding it in a box and cashing in on my offered reward but I am a realist and have already mourned its lost. (still mourning in fact)

Skyler got swine flu. Survived. Even survived the strict quarantine we put him in. No one else got it. Thank you quarantine and lysol.

My favorite jeans are also missing. Seriously people why is it ALWAYS my stuff?!?!?! WHY? Who would want my jeans? I mean the are lovely and amazing but why my FAVORITE pair?!?! I don't get it. I have a stalker I tell you. So bizarre. We've scoured the house (new and old) with no luck. A reward is also offered if these are found. Obviously its not helping. :(

Homeschooling has taken a huge amount of energy out of me. Its tons of work but the kids are doing well and I know this is the "season" the Lord has me in right now. I continually remind myself that I need to have HIS joy in all things and He called me to this at this time.

Today yes TODAY our friends arrive from Arizona! They are here in Florida already doing some park hopping. TONIGHT they arrive at our casa! Horray! Tammy, Brian, Hannah, and Josh! We can't wait.

With that I am off to clean and prep for a fun filled week!

A boring post....without pictures........I'll make it up this weekend.


Bethany said...

Love you friend..happy to see you typing! :-) They aren't the Jeans you bought here are they?? GASP......


Erica said...

It IS the jeans I bought there! Now can you hear my screaming freak out?!?!?! AHHHH!

emily said...

Jeans and the ipod? Sorry friend.

Enjoy the week. xoxo

drea said...

I'll gladly come and help you look for them :)

Jodi Queenan Artist copyright 2011 said...

Read your blog often Erica... Thanks for the update... Sounds like you need to treat yourself to a new favorite pair of jeans..... :)

Jodi Queenan Artist copyright 2011 said...

Yes... I do sell the necklaces... But, all the profits go to the Kolfe Youth Orphage in Addis Ababa. I sell prints also.

We are also waiting for a child from Ethiopia. Your blog was quite encouraging this morning... Thanks for writing....