Thursday, September 10, 2009

Miracle Of The Widow

I've been meaning to post about this movie for awhile. I just haven't and now that we have links and ways for you to buy the movie I guess its time!

Davids older sister and younger brother are in partnership with a couple other pretty cool guys creating Broadway Bridge Productions. Masha is Script Supervisor as well as a whole bunch of other things to keep things running smoothly. She was the only girl with three other dudes. Mikes official title is "Sound Design" but he also played actor, grip, and sound engineer.

Their goal is to create quality christian films for the whole family. This first movie was completed earlier this year as a low budget full feature film; they have high expectations for making even more movies soon! Its exciting to see your family succeed and they all worked SO hard to make this movie a success! Way to go guys!

AFA has endorsed the film and even began selling it on their website not long ago. The film is getting great reviews and its selling like hot cakes! You should check it out here or here. Its a great family film, buy it watch it, add your thoughts on the website.


Masha said...

Thanks Erica!!!

We Are Family said...

COOL! Can't wait to check it out!