Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding, Family, The Trip.

Perfect little flower girl.

Brady Bunch has nothing on us!

Serious little ring bearer. He was perfect!

Granny and me.
Kailey and Nichol.

It seems like I get busy doing I'm not sure what and I have good intentions of updating. I guess summer causes a blog black out for me. So how about pictures from the trip and then I'll get around to writing about what God is doing here in FL and the adventures on the BEAUTIFUL beaches we are blessed to live near.
In Oregon we attended my dads wedding. I gained a "bonus mama" as well as a brother and a sister. The wedding was perfect, I adore my new sister and brother, they love my kids and Bean has been amazing through all of this transition. Its been tough but the Lord is faithful and we are THRILLED for my Dad. It was an honor to stand with him and Brenda, the kids were all in the wedding and David took the pictures. My inlaws were gracious and hosted the event and the weather cooperated for the perfect afternoon wedding.

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