Friday, July 17, 2009

Toms Shoes - One for me one for them!

I've been wanting to order some Toms for awhile. This weekend I shall. Problem. Which ones? Do you have some? Which ones do you love? Comment and let me know! Also do they run big or small? Here's the ones I like. Help me narrow it down!

Oh you want to buy a pair too? Guess what there's $5 off coupon code if you purchase from the Toms website! Just enter New2TOMS for the discount!


emily said...

I have a bit of Toms problem, well not a problem considering every pair you buy provides a pair for a child in need right??:)

I love them. Sizing can be tricky. I have 7, 7 1/2 and 8's. My normal size is 7 1/2. I think the plain canvas run true to size. They are awesome at returns. I love this company.

My sis in law just got the red and they are pretty cute. :)

Mom to many said...

Well, now I am going shopping for Toms shoes, too! Thanks for reminding me to shop wisely!

Aimee- said...

Eica I like the black with white ones. Plain canvas ones too, because they would go with everything....if you were brown, tan, black, green, ablue, red, and so on!! If your getting two...those are the two I would get. If you are getting just one pair...the plain canvas for sure.

Now I have to go check these

Laurzie said...

Love love love Tom's! Like Em, I've had a size issue, too... except mine are more along the lines of 9, 9 1/2, 10, darnit!