Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The BIG move!

I can't believe I haven't posted about this but time got away from me. Unbelievable. I was just thinking this morning that I can't believe I didn't take ONE SINGLE picture of the moving truck, the boxes, the back of the truck, NOTHING. I think my heart knew I couldn't handle it. This move was one of the hardest things we've had to do yet. Job losses, hard, leaving our family and moving to Phoenix, hard, yes. Setting up family, making new friends, building a house, creating a life in a new area, hard, yes. Leaving all of that including the home where we brought our sweet Silas home to was still harder.

Its like a band aid, quick say goodbye and drive off. We did it. Its over. The kids and I are in Oregon for the rest of the month and David drove to Florida with his younger brother with all of our stuff. He'll join us in a week and we'll be together for the trek back to Florida. THEN we can start building our new life in a new area and meet new people and see what God has for us. Cause everyone knows this was not a move we chose.

That said we have already seen the hand of God throughout this entire process. When I last posted I was very discouraged, we hadn't found a house on my trip over and we weren't sure where we were going to live. God did and I knew that but it just seemed like a HUGE mountain we couldn't even get a grip on. When I returned home I found a TON of houses online that were NOT there before. Only God. I sent David a bunch of links and off he went. We found a house we felt was "suitable" but not perfect and decided due to time we'd settle. The DAY before we were to hand over the money David called saying he felt it wasn't the right house. WHAT? Seriously? Why? Well....we'd found a church and we both knew choosing this house would eliminate that church option. Oh did I mention David hadn't even visited "the" church? I had randomly sent a link to a "temporary" house, more like a house sitting option in an area David had DREAMED of living. You know the kind, by the beach, very expensive.....that kind. He had love.....just not an option for a short term lease. He called and asked if maybe it was an option and that way we could get our feet on the ground, see the areas, decide where we wanted to live, etc. Oh and check out "the" church. I said I'd call and see if this house was even still available. Guess what? It was. Not only was it available but the owner I guess REALLY liked my husband and was hoping he'd come back. So for four months we'll live super close to the beach, in an amazing house, with a pool, and a spa, and a beautiful back yard, and all utilities paid to live there, all landscaping, pool care, and everything. Oh and the rents cheap. See God doesn't settle. His ways are FAR better then ours. He knew we needed a four month vacation. Oh and did I mention that this house "happens" to have a 40' four car garage so we don't have to pay for storage because its already furnished? Details.

Now for the real clincher. The church. David visited "the" church. There was a reason we were supposed to move to THIS house, THIS area, RIGHT NOW. The church is brand new. In fact its a plant. In fact they are starting a youth ministry. In fact they had a meeting and invited David to be apart. In fact they are SO excited about us moving. In fact they are lovers of adoption. In fact there are two families waiting to pick our brains about the subject. In fact they can't WAIT for our family to arrive all together and they have kids that can't wait to meet our kids. Guess what? PERFECT STRANGERS WILL HELP MY HUSBAND UNLOAD OUR HUGE MOVING TRUCK TONIGHT!!!

I was so moved by this email David forwarded me I have to post it here. Yes this also serves as our family journal so bear with me.


Tomorrow night, Wednesday, June 10th at 5:00 PM we scheduled to help unpack Dave who just arrived back into town after driving cross-country in a U-Haul (or was it Penske?). I know some of you can't make it, but if you're available to help, would you mind shooting an email back my way to let me know?

God bless guys - I hope you're all having great weeks.
Amazing God.

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