Friday, May 22, 2009

We Love Kris Allen!!!

We're big AI fans....probably due in part to having two middle schoolers in the house one of which loves to sing! This video is amazing!


emily said...

I literally just posted this minutes ago.

We are also big fans of the show and Kris!!! Praying the Lord uses this in big ways.

Susanz Place said...

me too!!!
i picked him from the get go, along with danny and matt - lost interest in danny about 2 months ago and well i still dig matt - but kris - he's the real deal

Aimee- said...

Love Kris here too! Something is wrong with my computer and it won't show me what you posted...but I am sure it's great if it has to do with Kris! lol.

My Blessed Life said...

We wanted Danny or Kris and were very happy to see Kris win. I just found out he was a worship leader the day of the finals I had no idea. Thanks for posting great video.